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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 3, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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show for you right here next week on fox business. in the meantime, i hope to hear you on the radio. good evening, everybody. thanyou for being with us. the white house today not only sticking by their assertions that the array of scandals now engulfing the white house are phony, but the president's own spokesperson declang two of the most serious scaaas to be over. regardless of the ongoing investigations to find out exactly who ordered the internal revenue service to target conservative groups, the tea part and who left four americans and one ambassador to die at the hands of terrorists in benghazi on september 11th of last year. here's white house press secretary jay carney rlier today, confidently declaring
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that r republican efforts to investigate benghazi and the internal revenue service have failed. while ignoring the mountains of evidence uncovered in the multitude of investigations into both growing scandals. >> it was an effort unr way to turn them into partisan scandals. i don't think anybody he would doubt that. and what we've seen as time has passed and more fts have become known, whether it's about the attacks in benghazi and the talking points or revelations about conduct at theirs, that attempts to turn this into a scandal have failed. there was a period where there was a lot more energy and focus was paid by some inongress as well as in the media on issues that, while important, are not of tte highest priority to the american people and they were
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not scandals. >> carney's tiiing impeccable. his outright denial that the benghazi terrorist attack was anything more than a partisan political witch hunt trumped today by a report that the lead suspect in that terrorist attack is giving interviews. just not to the fbi, the cia or any otheagency involved in the investigative effort or in his own libyan government, for that matter. he told another network that he hasn't been detained, he hasn't been questioned, even contacted by anyone investigating the terrorist attack. this after telling fox news way back last october, st two weeks after the attack, that he was at the consulate on september 11th directing traffic and assisting fellow brigade members. benghazi not the only obama whhouse scandal under discussi on capitol hill
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tonight. republicans on the house judiciary committee have called for a change in leadership at the top the departmenof justice, declaring that attorney general eric holder was not truthful when he testified in regard to the james rosen case. the report founddthat holder gavedeceptive testimony to congress to provide cover for misleading testimony, trying to disguise his quote, clearly erroneous reading of the statute as a defect in the law. rosen's phone and e-mailecords were seized by the department of justice during an investigation to an alleged state departmt leaker who had been accused of revealing sensitive information about north korea's nuclear program. committee chairman bob goodlaw told fox quote, i find the lack of leadshiership at the departm of justice extremely alarming. ththe deceptive and misleading testimony of attorney general eric holder is unfortunately just the most recent example in
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a long list of scandals that have plagued the department. joining us tonight, congressman james langford from the hoe oversight committee, alsoon the budget committee and chairman of the house republican policy committee. congressman, great to have you with us. chairman goodlatte of the judiciary committee saying effectively the attorney general of the united states is lying to congss. >> yeah. he obviously gave us testimony that wasot consistentith the truth. we can very definitelyay that. he came and said that he had n even contemplated any kind of reporter as a susct, then we findut days later not only had he contemplated, he had personally signed off on it and been part t of it. he came back later and said he didn't plan to posecute james rosen, he was just using him to manipulateo get to the next guy. again, that very fuzzy use of the law, it was definitely not clear to us under sworn testimony. this is the same attorney general that is still beg held in conmpt by the house of
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representatives years ago now, now two years ago, he did not turn over doments to us from fast and furious. he had 10,000 some odd documents us for his own internal investigation, but won't turn it over to us. he's been in contempt of congress for over a year now. now, as bob goodlatte said, this is just the latest example. >> it is clear tha this president and his attorney general will persist without effectively respecting any part of the congress' complaint about either his veracity or his conduct. >> corct. this is a push-back on constitutional authority. the legislative branch has the constitutional responsibility -pfor oversight in what happens basically, the executive branch is sayg we're going to ignore all oversight and the senate is concurring with everything, whe setor reid is basically saying we won't touch any of th which is a shame becae in the days ahead, when it's now a republican president and there's a republican senate, we will want to have the sam authority. the american people deserve sdoo accountability of the executive branch. it's not right for this administration to do it.
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>> a closed door hearing, colonel george bristol, your thoughts, your response about an investigation that has been very effectively stonewalled byhis administtion and dismissed along with the internal revenue service scandal along with fast and furis. we're talking about people dying in these scandals. these are not minor items. but being dismissed by the administration and to this point doing so productively,aying they're phony scandals, what will be the house's response or is there one that they're capable of th you all are capable of that will chage the extant reality? >> you can always tell when we're getting close t the truth, when the administration begins to yell even louder and to scream more and more accusations and to try to push everyone else aside. the louder theyye, the more they say there's nothing to see here, move along, there's nothing to see here, you know
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we're getting closer and closer and closer to thh truth. the hearings that we do on capitol hill are not like a hearing from a courtroom. you know that extremely well. a courtroom hearing, there will be two years' worth of depositions that lead up to that time and investigation. then there's a single big hearing. in congress, it's a rolling hearing, a hearing we find out facts, we fllow up interviews and there's another hearing, we find out facts, there's another follow-up. there have been a lot of interviews that have happened the last several months on benghazi and there will be another whole set of items that come out. we're quickly approaching a one-year anniversary from this attack in benghazi and the fbi and this administration has yet to arrest people that we have video footage of them attacking and killing our ambassador, yet they won't step in and do it. if another news station can actually walk in and go identify them in a couple hours, you're not going to convince me this administration can pick them up because they don't want to. >> it took fox news only two weeks to do the same thing. congressman, a grand bgain, the president is fond of grand
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bargains. he starts by dismissing any possibility of negotiation on the debt ceiling and a number of other areas. are you interested in a grand bargain and since when did gra bargains become the goal, how about just little simple things like maybe reducing budget deficits and staying within the debt limit? >> right. my last conversation with the president face-to-face was can we find agreement between the two ofus, can the house and the executive branch, and say we' going to work to wibalance the budgets. we need to find a way to bance the budget. the grand bargains end up being smoke and mirrors to say we will have somcbo score that will brining down the budget at some future year and time but in the meantime let's spend moremoney. this particular one was particularly grievous to me because he basically said you know those republicans all want corporate tax reform, we'll give some corporate x rform to their big fat cat hpful folks if you'll give me moremoney to spenend over here.
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we're not after corporate tax form. we're after frness for every single american. every american needs reform. this system overly complited. we want to fix the system, not play around with one part of the co. so wle we do want to be able to resolve this, we're not trying to find some latest grand bargain to chase down the latest shiny thing the present is lding up let's fix the broken things. >> you know, ngressman, i'm almost suspicious when republicans talk about a comprehensive revamping of the tax code as i am of this president when he talks about grand and comprehensive bargains orinitiatives, wheer it be immigration or anyther issue. it's been my experience as a journalist that you fos, when you want to cover something up, it's inadeqcies, its weakness, you make the problem bigger first, then you talk about solutions that are so large, so vast, that they become abstract. >> you lose track of what all's in it. >> am i being too cynical?
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>> no. i'm cynical with you on that. i've been on this task r three years. i've seen it. i know it first-hand. the tax rerm is the challenge, it's all interconnected. when youess with one part of the code it affects everything else. if you're going to truly simplify the code, you got to get in and simplify the whole code, not just try to mess with the corporate side. you need to try to simplify the code so whethe you're an individual that's running your business from your house or you're some big corporation, just clean it out, straighten out the code d fix it but that does involve a bigger piece. so it'soing to end up being big if we're able to do it but our focus us let's fix it. no one ss goshthe system's working great. no one on april 15th turns in we all turn it in and say i hope it was right. we don't really know anymore. that's silly. let's fix it. we can do this. >> congressman, always good to talk with you. thank you. we'll have much more on the latest developments in the number of white house scandals roughout tonight's broadcast. stay with us. president obama pushing
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my next guest is known for his strong anti-tax positions. he's now wading into the immigration debate as well. here to talk about whether immigration reform is a proposal as well as the president's latest pivot to the economy is grover norqui, president of americans for tax reform, auth of "the taxpayer proction pledge." great to have you withhus. >> good to be with you. >> let's start with first your reaction to a president, and i'm not sure that pivot is the right word but let's use that for
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convenience, at least, the president's pivot now away from scandals, away from foreign policy failures a failgs, and into the issue at least in speeches of jobs and the economy. >> well, look,this is another one of these message i care. every once in awhile after ignoring the economy, comes back and gives a speech saying he cares and he wants to do something about it, but he might as well just repeat the speech he gave the last 12 times. he wants to raise tas d spd more money. every time he talks about the economy, he wants to raise taxes and spend more of otherpeople's money through the government. this gets a little tiresome. it hasn't worked for four years. ink detroit. >> thinking detroit, we're going to take up that issue later here in the broadcast with a congressman who wants the
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federal government to step in, do you think that that is going >> the house of representatives and the senate are not going to allow the president to throw american taxpayer money at detroit or other failed cities. detroit has had decades of warnings. they were spending too much, regulating too much, driving people out othe city, governing poorly. they didn't care, they thought they would be bailed out, they thought other people would pay for their mistakes and the answer is no. enough cies and many states have begun to turn themselves around on unfunded pension liabilities and civil service costs. those stat, utah and wisconsin and new jersey and louisiana, those states are not goin to loot their taxpayers to pay for
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cities and sates that didn't do anythingo take care of themselves. not ppening. >> and let's turn nowto immigration. word out today, reporting they have corroborating sources saying congressman bob goodlatte is ready to rescue t once dead on arrival gang of eight immigration bill. your reaction? >> well, that's a silly way to put it. what goodlatte doing is what republicans in the house have always said they're going to do. they're always vaguely interested in what the senate does. they're never going to agree to what the senate puts out as their opening bid but the house republicans wa to see the border made secure without spending a jillion dollars. we will do something on the dream act for people who are 4 years old when they came across the border and are n in
8:18 pm
college, or trying to get into the military. we need as an economy more h-1b visas, the high tech visas. right now we're telling people you can't stay here, and start a company to compete with us, you can't come her move to caaada and start a company to compete with us. the fact isechnology companies
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and principal among them are outsourcing companies and principal among those are indian outsourcing companies that are using those visas and striking at the heart of people, american citizens, who are seeking those jobs. if we want to do something serious, then i have to ask you this. why in the world, where have you been, where was the chamber of commerce been and others in simply opening up visas to those most skilled and highly intelligent anducated and bring them to this country, because in each instance, you're not talking about those people. >> we should be. i say -- >> i agree. >> that's what people generally meanhen they say high tech visas. we're also talking about s.t.e.m. education, people who come to the united states, get a ph.d. -- >> science, technology, engineering and mathematics. >> then we throw them out of the country. >> no, we do not thro people out of the country. >> we don't let them stay and work. >> we cannot have a discussion about immigration without
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denigrating this country and its character and its generous and welcoming immigration policy, then i will tell you this. you all are doomed to further failure. do the right thing. secure the border, quit gaming the system, talk honestly, forthrhtly a come forward wi plans. that's what the house is doing. it has a chance working. don't you all screw it up. >> lou, that's exactly what we're looking to do. we have been trying -- >> screwt up? >> no, no, no. the effort to get -- to allow some of the real talent in the world to come to thenited states and we do tell people with s.t.e.m. degrees they can't stay. th's just the fact. >> here's the otr fact. there are three nations in the world who bring as many people into their countries as do we. there are a handful of countries in t world combined who are as generous in immigration policy. let's move beyond this and quit denigrating the country and move ahead to actually reforming immigration law and doing it in the national interest.
8:21 pm
goodlatte has the chance of doing it. if he rolls over for those who want to sit there and throw the borders pen, it's going to be a day of absolute despair in this country. do the right thing. do it the right way. >> that is exactly what we're working on doing and the entire buness community and all the various communities of faith are united in making those steps forwd. i'm very supportive of a rond reagan, jack kemp approach -- >> can i tell you? i love it when people talk icons. here's the deal. how out this. in the national interest right now in the 21st century, you talk about the sovereignty of the nation, the national interest, you secure the border and i don't mean playing rhetorical games with operational control as has this secretary of the department of homeland security who will soon be leading the university of california system -- >> take a look at the proposal
8:22 pm
that the congressman from texas has put forward. i thk it's a serious grown-up effort that will secure the border. he's put it forward, it's been passed through the republican committee there. i think that that rather than what the senate did is an improvement. we also need to have a guest worker program. talk to farmers and dairy men. they're not able to get the workers they need in this country out to the farms whi are temporary jobs. >> i heard exactly the same rhetoric, the same reasoning, the same brodes in 2006 and '07 when it went down in defeat. none of us want that to happen. let's go to the issues. >> some pele do. i think the president does. >> i'm not going to cast apersians on this. i'm not going to question anyone's motives. i'm going to say simply if you want theeform immigration and you must contr the border, because if you cannot control the border, you can't control immigration and everything everyone says about it after that is pure bull. so it has to begin as a
8:23 pm
condition precedent actual real bona fi, verifiable border security and internal enforcement just as the house judiciary has moved in its legislation. wi you support that approach? >> you seem to be trying to disagree with me when i'm not sure -- >>no, i'm trying -- you mistake my words. i'm seeking your agreement. >> i don't think we disagree. >> i invite you to say yes. >> we haven't been disagreeing. i don't know why you have been trying to disagree here. >> i am simply seeking your affirmion, your agreement. >> what the republicans in the house are doing is being serious about border security which this administration has not been. the sete took some bites at the apple but they're handicapped because the democrats run the house, the senate. in thehouse -- >> let me say it very clearly for you.
8:24 pm
that legislation is a farce. it is the game that i said should be avoided. >> and now the house is going to take a look at it. i think goodlatte isooking at moving forward on a whole series of issues. we c and should have a serious pro-growth immigration policy that's good for the country, good for the amican people and historically, the reason why we're the future and chinaisn't d japan isn't and europe isn't -- >> hold it. we want china to have a future. we want russia to have a future. we want india to have a future. we want everybody to prosper. >> we have a brighter future than they do because we do immigration well. it's been our history for 200 years. we can do better than we have done recently. >> i think bob goodlatte will appreciate your support for an intelligent, rational, national interest approach. thank you so much for -- >> lou, i think we're agreeing
8:25 pm
here. >> excellent. i love it. and please, no me of that gang of eight nonsense. that stuff's done. >> that's the senate, lou. move over to the house now. >> i understand. thank you for reminding me. grover norquist, good to have you with u >> good be with you, lou. up next, it's a tale of two cities as new york and san diego compete for the title of having the politician with the mt sordid absurd annoying nauseating creepy story. the dunce caps flying. stay with us.
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what's in your wallet? you know we like to hand out dunce caps to politicians who lie, cheat, distort the truth, see their own interests, and you know that we have a lot of candidates for those dunce caps. tonight, it's really a tale of two democratic dunces competing for the title most despicable dunce. on the left, we've got mayor bob filner holding san diego hostage as he fights allegations of sexual harassment. on the right here, mayoral candidate in new york, weiner, who says new yorkers are stuck with him no matter what his latest sex scandal or his
8:29 pm
latest absurd utteraes. we are going to hand out five dunce caps tonight, so you decide who's the bigger dunce. one we learned today that filner, filner is actually asking the city of san diego to pay his legagal fees in a harassment lawsuit filed by his former communications director. he apparently believes that because he was allegedly harassing women on city me, the city should be paying for his legal defense. his beef is entirely dunce-worthy so we want to get things started tonight with the good may. well, apparently not such a good mayor. and on the other hand here, we've got weiner last night, weiner refused to answer a direct question from the "new york daily news" about whether he's still sexting women online. he saidquote, you can quibble
8:30 pm
about beginnings, middles and ends but what we're talking about is over a year ago. it is one thing to be a creep, but to be a obfuscating, obnoxious, narcissistic creep, weiner's kind of arrogance certainly deserves a dunce cap and we are going t bestow same. now, the mayorfiner again, is hanging on despite calls to resign from seven of the nin san dio city council members. the chairwoman of the democratic national committee,enator dianne feinstein. there is also no one, but two recalls under way inan diego against filner. you would think he would start feeling not very huggable at this point but filner's kind of delusion earns him, well, we don't often give two at a time, but he's the winner. and weiner,he's staying in the race, tugh, in every way, staying in despite calls to step
8:31 pm
down from democratic strategist david axelrod, who said he's just taking up space. republican congressman peter ng also asking him, demanding that he step down, andhe clintons. even they have had abelly full. president bill clinn officiated weiner's 2010 wedding. weiner's wife, huma, has bn working for hillary clinton since 1996, for crying out loud. now, when -- folks, i'll call him folks like this forget who your friends are, that makes you not just a weiner but a full-on weenie. we just want to make it very clear that he's doing -- that he's getting everything that he deserves. not quite. but now to our final dunce cap. we debated this for aong time today. with the show staff, we figured out we just cast votes and
8:32 pm
why? spitzer's campaign is suggesting weiner is a bad husband for forcing his wife huma to defend him on the campaign trail. wh a man who repeatedly cheated on his wife with high priced hookers says he has the moral standing over a creepy guy like weiner, you deserve to be crowned head dunce. so we're going to let him be the winner tonight. but i can assure you, eliot spitzer, pnce eliot, is in the running tomorrow night. new yorkers may hate weiner but at least the have made headline writers everywhere fairly happy. we don't know why vors are putting up the weiners, spitzers and filners. they can't be serious but we are certainly serious abo our dunce caps. if they ect o of tese folks, the dunce caps will be flying. the secretary of defense,
8:33 pm
chk hagel, doesn't seem like he's too torn up over drastic cuts to our nation's military budget. general jack keene joins us to assess the impact of those budget cuts. a quarter million tweeters musicare tweeting.eamed. and 900 million dollars are changing hands online. that's why the internet needs a new kind of rver. one that's 80% smaller. uses 89% less energy. and costs 77% less. it's called moonshot. and it's giving the intern the room it needs to grow. this going to be big. it's time to build a better enterprise. together.
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defense secretary chuck hagel today says he's not as he put it, crying wolf about sequester cuts. he laid out how the pentagon planning for what could be the smallest army since before world war ii will look like. >> if ttese cuts remain, we risk fielding a force that over the next few years is unprepared due to a lack of training, maintenance and the latest equipment. cuts on this scale would, in effect, be a decade-long modernization holiday. >> a decade-long modernization
8:37 pm
holiday. here to discuss the $50 billion in cuts from next year's budget and half a trillion dollars over the next ten years in the pentagon budget is general jack keene, retired four-star army general, former army vice chief of staff, also fox news military analyst. general, great to have you with us. a decade-long holiday, modernization holiday? are people really talking like that in washington, d.c. today? >> yeah, absolutely. one ofhe things that's happened to us, we know we have a struggling economy, but now we are voluntarily reducing the united states military from being the global super power that it used to be, and it is
8:38 pm
before the decade was out, they found themselves in the largest war they have ever been. they could not rebuild their industrial base. they could not increase their combat power to satitory standards and they dended on the united states for their very survival. they have never, ever recovered from that to this day, and we are moving in that direction, thinking the world is going to be a safer place for us. >> let me just show our audience what that looks like. the pentagon considering a plan as the secretary said toay, if we can take a look at this, reducing the army military force of 490,000 t 380,000, the navy will lose two aircraft carriers, that would mean two aircraft carrier groups. the marines will be cut by as
8:39 pm
many as 33,000 marines. the air force to give up bombers, transport aircraft and likely development of advanced technology. i mean, this is insupportable given the mission in the global war on terror that we've been fighting since 2001, the extension of our military force across the globe, and there is no debate, no discussion about that mission or our interest or the policies we're going to pursue and the relationship to military power that we would extend along with our state craft. >> the fact of the matter is, we are taking a huge risk here, and it's one of the most significant risks i've seen us take in generations. it certainly is ignoring the harsh reality of the world that you've just described that's out there, an emerging china, radical islam that is on the move in the world in establishing tir califate and
8:40 pm
iran, who wan nuclear weapons and is intent on establishing gional hegemony and controlling the middle east. these things are not arguable, they are facts. we should not be reducing our military. military is also a deterrent force. it's not just a force to be used in conflict. it spends most of its time preventing conflicts which it gets very little credit for. as a deterrent force, we're going to be considerably less and as a responsive force, we''e going to be much less. >> is it your sense, your judgment, that there will be a further discussion, a broader, more intelligent debate out this in either the senate or the house before tis cut-back, drastic cut-back, takes place? >> well, i would hope so. i would hope we would not move with the continuous sequestration numbers and the path that we're all on right
8:41 pm
now. that's what gets you those horrific numbers and there's so compromise overhose numbers. that's what responsible intelligent debate should produce. m frustrated and somewhat pessimistic, because look where we are and we're sti moving in that direction towards those numbers with nothing out there that's going to, it appears, to make a change for it. >> you know,o hear a secretary of defense use the expression a ten-year modernization holiday is in and of itself, this is just my view, deeply disturbing as well. general jack keene, always good to talk with you. thanks for sharing your insights. >> take care, lou. always good to be here. thebama care train wreck is getting worse, if you can imagine i former congresswoman and doctor nan heyworth joins me next.
8:42 pm
8:43 pm
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8:45 pm
president obama today seeking to reassure democrats about the implementation of obama care during meetings with both t house and the senate, concerns from democrats come as officials in florida and georgia are now warning that insurance rates for individuals could spike, thanks to a new congressional budget office report, shows the employer mandate delay will cost taxpayers just $12 billion more. joining us now, former congresswoman and dr. nan heyworth. great to have you here. >> thank you. great to be with you. >> off the rails, what did john boehner call it, a train wreck. the democrats are starting to make sounds like people who think it is going to be train wreck and are pparing themselves. >> max baucusaid the same thing, calling it a train wreck. you know, i'm very blessed. i have the perspective as a doctor who has cared for patients for years and as a member of congress for t hudson valley in new york. i heard the stories of hardship,
8:46 pm
people do find thatealth care is very expensive, more expensive than it needs to be. their health insurance, they're struggling with the price of premiums. florida and georgia now, we know are going to have to raise their rates. >> and lots of states -- >> exactly. >> the only state i heard actually talk about premiums fallinis the state of new york. that's highly suspect. >> yes. >> but secondly, they are the highest rates to begin with. >> precisely. >> what a mess. >> we have so much opportunit to let common sense prevail, if we could have a system that allowed people to use their own sense with health sangs accounts, to purchase insurance fr anywhere in the country, if we had real liability reform, then we could afford to help yone who couldn't find insurance without massively taking over our health care from the federal government. >> doctor, i wonder if we have moved so far beyond that point. we're talking about full-on implementation, whatever that means, train wreck or whatever,
8:47 pm
come january, and people, i don't get the sense that people want to take responsibility for themselves. i don't get the sense that they want to have a debate over socialized m and many people frankly are so frustrated with everything, they say the hell with it, let's have socialized medicine, let's let somebody pay for it so long as it's not me. >> but what do people kn for sure, and i just actually heard it from a very nice woman i was talking with earlier today. her health care insurance premiums are costingher almost $8,000 a year and she doesn't have that kind of job. she knows health care -- health insurance is more expense than it needs to be. she wants to hang on to her job. people know that they're having trouble finding employment. they don't like thislaw. they know that the cost of trying to provide this health care plan isilli jobs and hurting businesses. >> when you say killing jobs, there are a lot of people out there who think i don't know how
8:48 pm
many jobs they're killing. they have no sense of the interrelationship between the cost of health care, small business, its profits, its ability to create jobs. most of the jobs in this country, and when you say killing jobs, you're lking about part-time work instead of full-te work. you're talking about fewer employees instead of more. >> i have had employers in the hudson valley who want to hire more people say i'm going to hold at 49 because i can't afford that mandate. i want to provide insurance plan for my employees, but i cannt afford to provide insurance for them with premiums going up the y they are. doesn't have to be that way. >> it was screwed up before oba care. i'm talking about health care in this country. >> yes. yes. >> rising costs, out of control. pharmaceuticals, insane. >> absolutely. >> but the fact of the matter is, doctors have been taken out of the equation. doctors seem t have had no role in creating obama care. we know that every projection
8:49 pm
shows there will be fewer doctors over the next decade, not more. >> right. >> we're going to have more folks, it looks like. what is the outlook for physicians who after all are fairly cenal to health care? >> well, if you look at the cost and i remember from having practiced, the cost of practicing in a state like new york, you have rent, you have employees who e costly in the state of new york, you have rules and regulations you have to mply with, and then of course we have malpractice insurance, which across much of the country is far more costly than it needs to be. doctors unfortunately are finding that they are having to close their practices or reduce their pracces or even retire early from practice because they don't know how they're going to be able to afford to keep up. >> some of the estimates rise as high as over 100,000, shortage of 100,000 doctors in this country over the next decade or so. you think it's going to be that seve? how soon do you thinwe will see it? >> absolutely.
8:50 pm
well, the cost o medical school in this country is far higher than it needs to be and part of the reason for that is that our institutions, medical institutions, are far re than they neeto be. we need to have common sense prevail. this doesn't have to be democrats versus republicans. we have an opportunity here. >> doctor, great to see you. come back. soon. up next, the brand new book "deadly consequences" makes the case that war is no place for gender diversity. my mother made the best toffee in the world. it's delicious. so now we've turned her toffee into a business. my goal was to take an idea and make it happen. i'm janet long and i formed my toffee company through legalzoom. never really thought i would make money doing what i love. [ robert ] we created legalzoom to help people start their business and launch their dreams. go to today and make your business dream a reality.
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joing me now, senior fellow for national security at family research council, retired army lieutenant colonel bob cguinness.
8:54 pm
i want to tell you straight off the top, the author of "dead consequences, how cowards are pushing womeinto combat." no matr which side of the argument you're on or what you believe, read this book. it's a fascinating account with information we all ought to have. thanks for sharing your knowledge and your time tonight. let's turno what is the reaction, you've got people, i'm sure, attacking you just because you would even dare raise the ise. >> there's no question, lou. people are going to attacke because i am standing up for what i consider the truth. i'm concerned that we have one side talking equality, the other sidealking readiness. what we ought to be asking, do we want to be the type of society that sends its women to ground combat, andf not, why are we going in this direction. obviously this administration has an agenda. congress, the founders said congress, you've got to fix this, you make the laws and i outline in the book a law and
8:55 pm
also who they ought to call to testify and the questions they ought to ask these people. this isery dangerous for our countr lou. as you heard from general keene earlier, we've got sequestration, we'redosizing, we have a radical poblem overseas with all sorts of threats. we don't need at this point to weaken the point of the spear and that's what i'm most ncerned about. the 5% of the people that are doing the smashing of heads and the killing out front, and we don't need young women to be there because of the physgy and psychogy. >> now, i have two daughters and two sons, and i've got to tell you, they are all very strong individuals. they are ry tough. i'm not so, you know, i think there may be more equality here -pthan you ge women credit and we have seen what happens to men who we exhaust in combat as we have done. we have been, i think you will agree with me on this, we have been horrible in what we have
8:56 pm
asked of our, particularly our men in uniform in iraq and afghanistan. we put women in the same position. what happens? >> well, the steroid testosterone makes me different than a woman. it strengthens my bones, it gives me 37 pounds on average more lean muscle, it giies me cardiovascular system that can carry rge heavy packs up high mountains at a faster pace. it gives me aggression. it gives me risk taking. it gives me less fear. 18 to 24-year-old, i demonstrate the type of combat skills that we want in our young men. not all young m can do it, lou. i understand that. a few women might. but look at the sandals we have on sexual improprieties and sexual assaults in the military. does anybody really believe that pushing a bunch of women in with a bunch of hypermasculine men in
8:57 pm
the front line is going to solve that problem? of course not. >> thanank you for being here. the book is "deadly consequences." buy it online, bookstor [ tires screech ] [ beeping ] ♪ [ male announcer ] we don't just certify our pre-owned vehicles. we inspect, anyze and reconditioeach one until it's nothing short of a genuine certified pre-owned... mercedes-benz for the next new owner. ♪ hurry in to your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for 1.99% financing during our certified pre-owned sales event through september 3rd.
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